Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Amazing Fest!

our delicious food

my first ever cheese sandwich

the breaking of the bread

our sandwiches and pop

chip ducks :)

Rachel, Katie, Carina and I decided to buy food at Sunshine and have a picnic at the park one Friday after co-op.We bought french bread and pepper jack cheese for cheese sandwiches, carrots, two kinds of Pringles, a kiwi for each, three Mt. Dews and a Sunkist, a rather large apple called Barbara, and chocolate pudding. It was a happy day! Love ya, girls! :)

carrots, Barbra and sour cream and onion chips

food and Rachel and Carina

Billy-Bob sandwiches

eating our kiwis (very messily)

Carina eating a carrot and pudding, and cute shoes


  1. Interesting creative spelling of sour cream! You girls look beautiful and impromptu picnics are the very best!

  2. Oh well.....I was just seeing if anyone was paying any attention. :) your on the ball Mrs B.H and thanks it was fun!